Who We Are

In 2008, things were tough for everyone. Jobs were at an all time low and people needed to be quick and creative to thrive. One company did just that. Realizing that their main source of income was slowly declining, they needed another outlet. 

Living in Charleston South Carolina means you hear a lot of fishing stories; Some boat, out of some marina, hooked a monster or a few friends went to the lake for the weekend and tore it up. With this knowledge the owner of Red Horse Screen Printing had found his next opportunity. 

Everyone wants a good t-shirt. Most fishing shirts available were button downs and the only person making casual shirts was that one guy with the big fishing brand. Providing a new look for the market, Reel Trademark was founded.

Reel TM was the first brand Red Horse Screen Printing Trademarked and the it was a big hit in the Charleston community. Our products; shirts and stickers, were a huge hit for friends and family and even picked up by local Charleston retailers.  Because of necessary changes and different creative directions, the decision was made to temporarily step away from Reel. For years, our friends who were familiar with Reel and its branding eagerly and consistently asked:

"So, what happened to Reel?"

"Are you guys going to bring back Reel?"

"Where is Reel?"

The answer to those questions is now! We are excited to be back and better than ever... with the release of new products and reintroduction of old favorites.  We are proud to be part of the fishing performance market, providing 50 UV protective clothing and adding our very own bamboo viscose long sleeves. Both garment types have original patterns, that we hope will get you hooked!